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About us:

NEW: Danka Ledgerwood is starting "Danka Ledgerwood's PHOTOGALLERY in Palau" at DW Motel.


Danka Ledgerwood with Deidre Yamanguchi and Jaime Sampson have stablished in July 2008 Tourism, Business, Projects & Journalism Association (the Association) which has Mission and Vision to support tourism, traditions, culture and people especially youth in the Micronesian region & the Pacific. In 2008 the Association has published TRAVELER - second issue of a magazine about Palau, Yap & Micronesia. The third issue of the TRAVELER will focus on Palau and minimum 7 other islands in Micronesia and the Pacific including Hawaii. It will be published in Summer 2009. Deadline for promotion pages is April 1st, 2009.

Danka Ledgerwood, Majella Walsh and Erica Ruwepin in Yap (2007) have established Tourism, Business, Projects & Journalism Association (the Association) which has Mission and Vision to support tourism and traditional culture in the Micronesian region. The Association published 1st issue of the TRAVELER - a magazine about Yap & Micronesia.


- Danka ( Haskova ) Ledgerwood is from Slovakia where her career was as a freelance photojournalist (since 1992 till present) focusing on the travel industry while she worked for an American newspaper The Slovak Spectator as a Senior Advertising Executive (1995-2001) and as a Project Manager raising money for UNICEF (2001-2004).   She is a graduate of the Institute of Foreign Affairs and Approximation of Law “Komensky” University in Bratislava (Institut which prepares future Slovak Diplomats), Slovakia (1999-2001) and a world traveler, often with her husband, now an Assistant Attorney General for Republic of Belau/Palau (after 3 years for the State of Yap). Danka was a teacher of "Tourism, Business, Projects and Journalism Classes" at the Yap High School (

- She founded her travel agency, "Happiness in Yap & Micronesia" in March 2005. She lived and worked in Yap till December 2007. Now she lives and works as a teacher in Palau at PCC / Palau Community College and helps as a volunteer to bring more visitors to the Pacific for DJ Travel Agency.

- Since March 2005, she has published 21 post cards about Yap and the official travel guide for Yap Visitors Bureau, a new map &, the first issue of the TRAVELER with Yap High School Students; guide about Yap. Danka has published

a notepad for Yap Women Association. She is working on a book about Yap & Palau and 3rd issue of the TRAVLER - Palau, Micronesia and the Pacific.


Danka Ledgerwood's Travel Agency, "Happiness in Yap & Micronesia" now known as DJ Travel Agency (owned by Wakin/Joaquin Gaan):

- offers hotel, apartment and/or home stay as bungalows (, Men's House, and/or local family houses; any style of accommodation, special deals and packages for divers and non-divers alike, or for snorkelers, for those who likes fishing, eco-tourists, hikers, bikers, kayakers or any visitors who are interested in the history & culture of Yap;

- can help you discover wonderful places and culture in Yap or elsewhere in Micronesia;

- can offer customized trips on or around Yap Island or to the other "outer islands";

- works with all tourism and travel operators in Yap State as well as with the government and traditional leaders;

- can offer accommodation, diving in Palau. If you like to buy & or publish photographs from this web or other Danka Ledgerwood photographs, please, contact us: or


If you are interested in doing charitable work & or making donation, please mention it.



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