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Tourism, Business, Projects & Journalism Association

(the Association)

Membership in the Association: Voluntary; anybody who wants to join.
Name: “Tourism, Business, Projects & Journalism Association” (later only “the Association”).
There are non-profit corporations in Palau and Yap.
Donations are welcomed. Write to: for more information. Your name (if you wish so) will be published on web: and on and on


Board Members in Palau (since July 2008) and in Yap since (July 2007):

PALAU OFFICERS: Danka Haskova Ledgerwood - President, Jaime Sampson - Treasurer, Deidre Yamanguchi - Secretary, and in Yap: Danka Haskova Ledgerwood - Chair Person, Majella Walsh - Vice Chair Person, Erica Ruwepin - Secretary/Treasurer


Mission & Vision

PALAU: We help & teach people, students and youth in general how to create their own projects & business, write, promote, market them, collect stories and legends, learn other traditional skills & culture, support projects where they can learn and develop their skills in different areas, to explore traditional and non-traditonal means of utilizing local resources, promote traditional community ways, structures and business & journalism projects, learn to publish materials, promotoe culture, history, natural bueauties and other important issues, work with communities, seek out funds and projects, publish TRAVELER - Palau, Yap & Micronesia Magazine, work with high schools, colleges, organize students/youth-exchange programs and Festivals with different nations, countries around the world for charitable, educational and promotional purposes.

Mission & Vision

In YAP: We are committed to promote State of Yap and its heritage and unique nature and history. We will also promote Micronesia in general and the Pacific Region and Islands. We will seek to help promote sustainable tourism development and the encouragement of responsible practices. We will teach students and others to understand sustainable tourism industry development. We intend to promote and encourage the development and marketing of tourism as one of the primary economic sectors of Yap State.

The Association is composed of those members who wish to join. The Association’s management will be carried out by three members of the Board.

The Associations will seek advice from knowledgeable and influential people.


1st Project was a Palau trip for the best students of the Tourism, Business, Projects & Journalism Classes from the Yap High School in July 2007 and 2nd Project was the first issue of the Traveler - Yap & Micronesia in September 2007. It is a magazine about Yap & Micronesia.

3rd Project was second issue of the Traveler - Palau, Yap & Micronesia was printed in the second half of 2008.

This year Projects is a notepad about Wisdom of Palau and 3rd. Issue of the TRAVELER - Pala, Micronesia & Pacific. We already are working on next project which is the 1st Youth International Festival of Culture and Art in the Summer 2010 in Palau. If you are interested to support, send donations or have an ad in the magazine please write to: or or send a check (Palau) Danka Ledgerwood, POBox 1224, Palau 96940 or (Yap) to Erica Ruwepin, The Association, POBox 1183, Colonia, Yap, FSM 96943 or call Danka Ledgerwood: Cell: +680-779-7473 (Palau). Write us about your donation, please. If you want to be mentioned on this website please let us know.

If you like to see the whole issue go to:

Would you like to know more?

Contact us: or call us (680-779-7473)

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