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Traditional Yapese Grass Skirt


Let's see how to make a traditional grass skirt.


There are a lot of steps to create a grass skirt and several people will participate.

(Each step takes from 2 to 15 days)


First Step: Go to jungle, find and cut the right hibiscus trees


Second Step: Strip off the bark.


Third Step: Soak the bark in salt/sea water for 3-4 weeks


Forth Step: Check on it every day. After 3-4 weeks take out & get the softer hibiscus parts



Fifth Step: Dry the hibiscus under a shelter


(Hibiscus is lighter color and dry in several days)


Sixth Step: Split the dry parts to strips


Seventh Step: Weave long and short parts:



(Prepared to bleach...)


(If there is not enough of the weaved hibiscus parts to make a whole grass skirt we have to start again from the first step...)


Eighth: Bleach the weaved parts


Ninth: Dye the strips in different colors & dry

(Each color in different day)


Tenth: Weave the grass skirt (the longer & shorter parts together)


Eleventh: Cut to length



Hibiscus Lei (part of the traditional outfit)



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