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Hotels & Home Stays

We can arrange any style of accommodation. Please let us know how many days/nights would you like to stay in a hotel or home stay. If you stay for a week or more you will have special bonuses. Contact us at: dankainmicronesia@yahoo.com. Thank you!



Traders Ridge Hotel (in Colonia):

This hotel has 2 very nice restaurants and a big swimming pool: from $250/ per night, Ocean View from $280



O'Keefe's Waterfront Inn (in Colonia)

The newest hotel in Yap State with a nice view on the ocean with a small bar/lobby: $155/ per night



Manta Ray Hotel (in Colonia)

This A/C hotel has specialized for divers with a small swimming pool and has a good restaurant on a ship called Mnuw: $187/per night

Pathways Hotel (in Colonia)

This hotels is built as 10 traditional bungalows with A/C and a view on the lagoon with a restaurant next to it: $137.50/ per night



E.S.A. Bay View Hotel (in Colonia)

This family A/C hotel is built with a view on lagoon, with a good resaturant and reasonable prices: single room from $75/ per night



Village View Hotel (in Maap Municipality)

This hotel is on a nice beach around 30-40 minutes from Colonia close to a Japanese restaurant called Moon Rize Cafe. It is under reconstruction.




Bungalow in Gachpar (in Gagil Municipality)

A new 1-room bungalow not far from a beach: $45/per night



Traditional Bungalow in Chool (in Maap Municipality)

New Bungalow on a beautiful beach: $45/per night

This is the ocean view from the bungalow

(coming soon)


(a picture of the bungalow: go to www.dankainmicronesia/bungalow.html)



Family House in Waaloy (in Maap Municipality)

3 rooms, kitchen, 2 toilets/bathrooms, living room with a beautiful view on ocean: $90/per night



Family House in Gagil:

It is a nice and new family house not far from a nice beach: a room for $45 (with A/C), a living room,

a washing machine and a kitchen. If you like 2 rooms: $90/ per night or whole house is for $95/per night (4 rooms)

(now not available right now because of the long term rental)



Bechyal Men's House

A simple/rural accommodation on the beach: for $45/per night


Women's House, Gachpar (in Gagil Municipality)

a simple/rural accommodation



Rumuu, Fanif Home Stay

A very simple/rural accommodation: a room for $25/per night with a family






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