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Public Service Announcement

The Yap Women Association (YWA) would like to publish a special notepad to describe its projects, containing photos, a calendar for 2006 – 2007, and articles about culture, history and others to fundraise money for the YWA projects as the New Day Care. The note pad is out (the photos is coming soon). If you are interested to buy this note pad write us:

We would also like to ask all who are interested to help support future notepad financially. Thank you very much in advance for your assistance.

List of Donors of this first YWA Note pad:

1st Donation $450 by Lubos Kovac, Slovakia,

2nd Donation $25 by Benjamin Weber, USA

3rd Donation $50 by Tress Ahles and Peter Stelzer, China

4th Donation $1,200 by FSM Telecom

5th Donation $100 by Erencia Gruber, HI, USA

6th Donation $25 by Lori Bonderman and Paul Joseph Ayin (USA)

7th Donation $18 a Japanese donor

8th Donation $250 YWA

9th Donation $250 Catherine Babiar (Canada)

10th Donation $100 Danka & Ron Ledgerwood (now in Palau)


Anyone who would like to donate, please send checks or deposit money or checks to the YWA share account at AYUW Credit Union, Colonia, Yap, FM, 96943. Those who donate will be mentioned in the notepad. If you would like to send money please write: or just send a check to the above address or sent it via money transfer, transfer it to: Bank of Guam, Koror, Palau, routing number: 121405115, account number: 0110-021604, and for the note or purpose, please write: your name /YWA Notepad. If you do so, please, send us an e-mail with your name and your postal address to the e-mail address: We would like to thank you by mentioning your name (if you like) in the notepad. Many thanks to you for your support!

We expect to print and distribute 2,000 copies of this notepad locally. If your company would like to place an advertisement in the notepad, please send us a statement of your interest and a jpeg (.jpg) file of your ad to the e-mail address above. We would be very happy to meet with you and discuss arrangements.

We would like to thank you again for you generous assistance and support. YWA will sell these notepads to locals and visitors to raise additional funds for new projects (such as training programs) for the women of the State of Yap.

By Danka Ledgerwood
YWA Volunteer and Notepad Project Coordinator
Cell: (691) 950-4009

4 Color Add Rates in the Notepad:

4 pages = $ 4,000

3 pages = $ 3,500

2 pages = $ 3,000

1 page =$ 2,500

Special Discounts: Please, if you are interested send us your e-mail. Thank you!

Please contact us:


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