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If you interested to come to Palau and/or Yap and help with a special project

please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail with your ideas/what do you interested to do? We have several projects going on...


We can work together to prepare you a great experience in this developing beautiful but beautiful country.


THE NEW PROJECT by "Tourism, Business, Project & Journalism Association" (the Association):


TRAVELER - Palau, Yap & Micronesia

Magazine about Micronesian region by students in Palau/Micronesia. Fisrt issue was written by Yap High School students:


We would like to thank all donors and ad partners from Europe, USA, Yap and Palau

who helped us to send the best students from Yap to Palau in the Summer 2007

and also to publish this Traveler - Yap & Micronesia Magazine, issue #1.


List of Donors of the 1st issue:

Yap Cooperative Association, FSM Bank, Yap Visitors Bureau, The TAJ,

Lubos Kovac - Slovakia, Sara Garcia McCormick - USA,

Dunkin MacSwain, Touch the Earth : Photography - USA,

Renny Gruber - USA and all visitors who took a tour

by YHS students while in Yap from January 2007 till June 2007

This magazine is published by the Association, prepared by Commercium Ltd., printed by Knihtlac Gerthofer in Slovakia and distributed to Europe, USA, Australia, Republic of South Africa and New Zealand travel agencies and dive shops. The Association wants to help to promote Yap and Micronesia region as a great vacation for visitors who likes not only great diving but also are interested in traditonal and cultural activities and tours.

For more information about the Association go to:


2005-2007 Year:

Thank you very much for your donation. It help us to create the YWA Notepad!


1st Donation $450 by Lubos Kovac, Slovakia,

2nd Donation $25 by Benjamin Weber, USA

3rd Donation $50 by Tress Ahles and Peter Stelzer, China

4th Donation $1,200 by FSM Telecom

5th Donation $100 by Erencia Gruber, HI, USA

6th Donation $1,500 FSM Bank

7th Donation $100 Danka & Ron Ledgerwood


We need around $4,000 total to print and bring/transport to Yap 1,000 notepads. Help us if you can! Thank you very much.


Yap needs your help & would pleased by your donation.

Our first project is to publish a notepad with stories and pictures for Yap Women Association, first and only association to help & support woman's and child's rights in Yap.

If you wish to donate or have your advertisment in the notepad please contact us as soon as possible:

We would like to publish 1,000 notepads for Yapese families and visitors to Yap. Anybody who will send financial donation to support this publication and would like to be mentioned in this notepad, please write us as soon as possible. If a company would like to have promotion on its pages we can discuss it over e-mail. Please send us your ad in jpg (format) with your contact information. Thank you for your wonderful decision. Your financial support is highly appreciated.


2005 year:

First volunteer: Lubos Kovac, Slovakia - July 1st-30th, 2005.

He was helping men to built a Men's House in Fanif Municipality and women in Gagil Municipality to clean up a taro patch.


Second volunteer: Hannu Hassa, Finland - help at home stay to rebuilt a fance around a shower at a home stay


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