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Land & Sea Tours

Land Tours:

1) hiking (map, refreshment-picnic, guide is optional)

2 ) bicycling & picnic (bike, refreshment, guide is optional,)

3) relaxing on a beach & shell searching (car, guide, small refreshment)


4) weaving leis & baskets with locals (local teacher, material, refreshment)

5) exploring inland (guide, refreshment) walking and viewing Stone Money Bank in Balabat, close to Colonia.

6) stargazing picnic (car, guide, refreshment, glass of wine)

7) crab hunting around full moon - (hunting gear, car, guide, crab dinner)

8) Yapese dancing (guide, transportation to the village or Art Institute, original Yapese - dancers and opportunity take pictures)

9) Visiting Sudal Victory Gardens (car, guide, fresh salad/picnic, soda)

10) Visiting WW II. Zero Fighters, Japanese Canon and Anti Air-craft Gun in jungle (transportation, guide, refreshment)

11) Visiting Rumung Island "Prohibited Island" (by car & boat)

12) Visiting Outer Islands - Ulithi Atolls, Fais, Woleai -for more information, please, go to www.dankainmicronesia.com/islands

13) Visiting taro patch, sea fish pond, raft to see mangrove trees& life:



Cultural Wanyan Village Tour:

$45 per person - visiting private men's house with broken canoe story, palm tree climbing, coconut husking, hauling stone money, log pulling, canoe making, coconut rope making, standing men's dancing with tour to see the biggest stone money of Yap Island, visiting stone money with 2 holes, lunch or dinner, transportation, guide, all fees and permission are included.



Zero Fighters & Fish Pond Eco-Visit:

A special Pilot Project containing a fish pond, men’s house and taro patches, plus the chance to tour mangrove forests by bamboo/metal raft, hike along stone paths, visit Japanese Zero fighter planes from WWII and relax in koyeng (local shelter). Drink fresh coconuts from palm trees, taste taro from a taro patch and enjoy grilled fish that you will catch from the fish pond. Relax in the men’s house or in a local hut with a guide who will tell you the legends and history of Yap from $35 (to taste tuba and/or the chance to tour mangrove forests by bamboo/metal raft $45)


By Raft to Mangrows

Red Crab


Taro Patch in Rull Municipality


Japanese Zero Fighter from WWII in Rull Municipality


Anti Air-Craft Gun from WWII in Rull Municipality


Japanese Canon from WWII in Rull Municipality


Japanese Aircraft from WWII



NEW: Exploring inland sites from $ 25 (for first hour, after $10 per hour) includes guide, transportation, and refreshment




Waaloy Village Tour:

$45 per person: transportation, refreshment - picnic & tasting local fruit, relaxing on a beach & in a traditional bungalow, jungle walking and walking on sea wall from 1900, weaving presentation, walking on a wooden bridge, visiting traditional Men's House and talking with locals, all permission and fees are included:



Dance Practicing:



Bechyal Cultural Center Tour:

$45 per person: transportation, refreshment or lunch, relaxing on Bechyal beach, basket & flower lei waiving by a local woman in a traditional grass skirt, visiting traditional Men's House and Meeting House are included:

For more pictures, please, click: Chuck, Kumiko & Tatsuo




Maa, Teb & Tamor Men's Houses:



Kaday Dance & Traditional Stone path Tour:

$45 per person - transportation, refreshment, walking on traditional stone path, visiting Men's House, Stone Money Bank and Sun Set Beach & Park


$50 per person - transportation, traditional dance by Yapese, refreshment, walking on traditional stone path, visiting Men's House, Stone Money Bank and Sun Set Beach & Park


For more pictures go to: www.dankainmicronesia.com/kaday.html



Sea Tours:

a) diving from $99-$120 (2-tank dive, refreshment, dive master, boat)

b) snorkeling from $2.50 - $15 (for $10 – snorkeling gear, boat, refreshment; for $15 -- dinner included, in Maap

or $45 - transportation to/from a beach, snorkeling gear, boat, refreshment and a guide);


c) fishing charters: within reef from $50, deep sea from $100 (includes boat, guide, refreshment)

d) kayaking from $45 (kayak, refreshment)

e) canoeing from $45 (canoe, refreshment)

f) rafting from $45 (raft, guide, refreshment)


Each tour includes sandwich (or other refreshment like lunch or dinner) and a soda (and/or a glass of wine or beer).


A beach, Maap Municipality


Wonderful underwater kingdom in Yap by Ron Ledgerwood

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